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The Peat Monster Tenth Anniversary $135.99

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The Peat Monster
Tenth Anniversary
Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
The Peat Monster Tenth Anniversary

“I call ‘monster’ every original inexhaustible beauty.”
Alfred Jarry

We can’t quite believe it but it is ten years since we created a bespoke blend of very peaty single malts for the owners of the Park Avenue Liquor Shop in New York. It sold so well that when this “Monster” became endangered we decided to share the idea with the rest of the world. It has gone on to become our best-selling Compass Box whisky. In 2013, we have created this special Limited Edition bottling of The Peat Monster with intense aromas of peat-reek, smoke, seaside character and burnt ropes and a subtle apple-fruitiness in the background. This unique recipe is a fitting tribute to such a full, round and tremendously complex whisky

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